diy lego display shelves

Never too big to play with Legos. Spraypaint the coasters once before you add them to the doors. The lower switch turns on the lights in the display areas. 1" x 2" poplar stock at the lumber yard (note actual size is 3/4" x 1 1/2" but it is called 1x2). With LEGO refusing to sell products modeled on today's military, DIY enthusiasts have been creating their own elaborate war machines -- and then selling the sets for thousands of dollars. This one used 3/4″ pieces of wood, painted white and then glued sections of Lego board to each. . We like … The remote controlled power outlet set me back 25€. My son is drooling over this setup! lego display cabinet. 99. The spray paint was 8€ per bottle at the local hardware store, same applies to the clear varnish. Magical, meaningful items you can’t find anywhere else. 3. Helpful. He's always searching for the right character for his battle scenes, creating a giant mess in the process. 4.4 out of 5 stars 9,912. Although we unboxed pretty much our entire Lego collection, there were two sets that were worth keeping together: our Christmas Train and our Ferris Wheel. Answer + 2. Image Credit Jedi Craft Girl 3. Usually, he can rattle off about half a dozen things he wants, without barely a thought, but the week before this birthday...nothing. You can do this with any old shelves you have, as long as they have LEGOish measures. The utility knives are sharp and the Lego pieces very hard, and also make sure when you glue the cut piece onto the shelf, to put the cut edge facing the back so it won't be seen. #LEGO #DIY #OfficeSpaceLEGO models can take up quite a large amount of space. If you do this, be careful! I ordered 60 of these wooden coasters to create the LEGO-doors. Keep in mind: You might look like this in the end... First of all, the base colour of the doors and the coasters has to be the same. When his desk becomes overrun, we just put items back onto the shelves until he’s ready for them again. So let's go on painting! The DIODER lights were 20€ each, I used two packs. This turned out very nice. The concept is easy: Attach the coasters to the doors ... ... and paint it in any color you planned. We love Legos, but man, do they get everywhere! I used both glue and trim nails (ends only) to attach the molding. That train station is still missing a train. I used my glue gun to glue the pieces on, but if you'd rather, there are plenty of adhesive options at hardware, craft or home improvement stores. Get dressed properly for painting stuff. Lego building board (available at Lego store or Lego online) utility knife. Overview: Choose from two options to display this much loved LEGO ... View full details Quick shop Choose options Display case for LEGO Creator: Ghostbusters ECTO-1 (10274) from £66.99. Once it's all dried, and the adhesive is set, the shelf is ready to be loaded up with Lego figures! My son would love a shelf like this. Thank you for sharing. Once the frame was assembled, I cut down the backing (the lauan) to 18 x 24, and glued and attached it to the back of the frame with wood screws (you can use nails or screws). Have creating it for yourself. 1" x 4" (Shelf sides, top, and shelves). Put a little wood glue on the back of the coasters. ... For just display, try some floating shelves! The Lego base is SUCH a great touch! Having a space that is up and out of the way to display items immediately enhances a home's look and functionality. , How neat! Supplies: 3/4″ wood (pine, MDF, etc.) Learn how your comment data is processed. Looking at it I must say: Worth every penny. $36.99 $ 36. You may also want to buy some "acid brushes", or … 5 out of 5 stars (2) 2 reviews $ 65.00 FREE shipping Custom, handcrafted, shelving and mantles from Seattle, WA. Really great idea and it made me think of other projects I could use this for. I'm going to make one of these for my nephew. How to Make a LEGO Display Shelf. This is a great idea! The Shabby Nest reveals another cute shelving solution for the kids who like to keep their LEGO sets together. As this DIY suggests, this would be handy to have just inside the front door of your house, especially if you don’t have a lot of space for a full shelving unit, to leave your keys and wallet. Thanks for sharing a the #happynowlinkup! three 8'-lengths of 1" x 4" for a 2' x 4' display, with 4 shelves. ... How can I mae DIY cemetary flower arrangements? Finish the wood as you like. 1/8" backboard (Backing for the shelf, also adds strength). , Now rest assured, we came up with a few more gift ideas for our son, but this was my favorite! Warning: Don't show the results of this guide to your LEGO-addicted kids. IKEA is very budget friendly, and he can still get the sets down if he needs to. ... TomCare Cube Storage 6-Cube Bookshelf Closet Organizer Storage Shelves Shelf Cubes Organizer Plastic Square Book Shelf Bookcase DIY Closet Cabinet Organizer Shelving for Home Office Bedroom, White. . This easy tutorial for a DIY Lego Minifigure Display Shelf can hold over 150 Lego Minifigures and costs less than $5. You can use a flat baseplate, or build a simple stepped platform. Please read the whole post so you don’t miss any important information! Another great DIY minifigure shelves. Put on your DIY shirt and some old pants. (I did not go fancy with miter cuts, as I did not have my brad nailer with me to do the neatest job, with 45 degree miters). Add ed to wishlist. I think I was just excited, maybe more, with it than my 11 year old! I enjoyed this article! I simply used flat edge cuts, and used wood glue and trim screws (a matter of time and function, over form). I'm a serial furniture re-arranger, perpetual dieter, expert homebody, serious planner and list maker, wife, mother, and child of the King, and I am so glad you're here! I had a LEGO logo printed on adhesive foil and attached it to the door. He doesn't like me moving his collections around when I clean, and his Lego "guys" would tip over so easily. I did a very similar project to create more storage on the back of a pantry door in my kitchen. Yes, those Lego flats keep things in place! Paint it once again and the door is almost finished! This made it a bit more challenging for me, since I often ask for a list of what the birthday person wants. DIY Fun DIY Lego display shelves from Jedi Craft Girl. If you're a serious Lego collector, this … The mini modulars next to the switches. . We all know stepping on a Lego in the middle of the night is probably one of the worst things ever! We are a family of Lego lovers so our minifigure collection is crazy! #HappyNowLinkUp, This is so cute! Custom shelves add beauty and organization to any room. 4.4 out of 5 stars 9,617. Follow the free step-by-step instructions at the link. & keeps the clutter at a minimum! I love that you can customize this shelf design for other displays, too, without the Lego base. The LEGO-Logo set me back 40€ at a local printing store. ShelfGenie custom Glide-Out shelves are the best way to eliminate common frustrations in the kitchen, pantry, and bath.Our custom-designed storage solutions add more space, more organization, and more accessibility to your existing cabinets. Shop online for quick delivery with 28 days return or click to collect in store. This is a great idea! 1-16 of 286 results for "lego display shelf" Skip to main search results Eligible for free delivery. Susan Mays. Remove the shelves from their packaging. Here are my husband's words on the supplies to purchase, and how he made the frame for our shelf: This is the trim we bought to use for the shelves. The hooks we used for the back, make it easy for one of us to remove it from the wall, so our son can add to his figures. I had a look around and found that doors for IKEA BESTA shelves had the best proportions to resemble LEGO bricks. I need to send it to my husband to see if he can make one for my son! From shop SwissYankeeWoodcraft. Thanks for sharing For the wood and paint, everything was under $20. View my full legal disclosures here. I will definitely be using this idea for our minifigs! Otherwise they may not be spaced properly. Pick the length you will need based on the size of the frame you want. Love this project! A glass cloche is a pretty, decorative way to display a tiny but … Seriously in love with this =perfect for a boy or a girl in love with lego! Genius! Our Custom Solutions. Our son loves his Lego characters, and I can see him having many hours of fun arranging and rearranging them, and I don't have to worry about knocking them over when I'm dusting! Visit Kmart today to find a great selection of shelving units. Altogether ~300€. I went with a 1/8" x 24" x 48" sheet, which minimized the cutting for an 18" x 24" frame. It was my turn (Margo) to take over, and so I put 2 coats of paint on it (with drying time in between the coats). What a clever idea! Alice Johnston. If you are willing to put the figures very close together, it can hold around 90 figures. This is absolutely genius! When you're done, wait for the paint to dry. The wooden coasters came 90cents per coaster. Feb 20 2020. Love that you put lego on each shelf so you can attach the figures and they won't fall off! Then you may need to build a set of wall mounted lego display shelves. Find out more on, I had two main goals: more storage and some nice display areas to showcase my latest LEGO projects. You can sand first and leave unfinished, or you can stain or paint. Wipe off all excess glue. Cut the baseplate to fit with regular household scissors. Use adhesive Lego tape on the shelves and sides for a fun, interactive display. Wood Glue. And in 2016, I took it even a little further: I created an easy qlib-on option, that you can put on Kallax & Expedit shelves. I'm sure you noticed the largest door is still missing. Gonna share this with a LEGO loving friend! Amanda, also known as Jedi Craft Girl, took matters into her own hands and came up with this terrific solution. I can see my son loving this... and woukd probably find my husband playing with it too! Will have to add this to my never ending list of things to do . They seem to multiply each day. I like getting my loved ones exactly what they want (if it's within reason), and that means I don't usually have to try and guess what they might like. If you need more inspiration, check out my other guides in the home category:, I'm an IT-Consultant by day, but at night (and on weekends) I become a biker, IKEAhacker and LEGO-enthusiast, currently bringing the qlib to life, How to build lego-themed shelves with display areas. Lego Wall. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. But it is not done yet. I prepared something special for that one. . Plastic Display Case – While it is technically designed for 1/18 scale model cars, these stackable cases work great for LEGO minifigures. Here are all my doors attached - except for the last one! Follow the free step-by-step instructions at the link. I used 7 bottles in different colours plus 2x white and 3x clear varnish. But: LEGO has many colours. Whenever you have some finished doors mount them. Lauan board for backing, which is smooth and thin. Cover the entire top surface of the shelf with baseplates. My youngest son recently had a birthday, and when I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he couldn't think of anything! I laid out my color choices and figured out how many I would need for the width of each shelf. Shelving• Seattle• Bellevue• Kirkland• Redmond• Kent• Shelves. They'll want it in their room immediately! We have quite the collection in our family too! I think this works well and it has lots of room so we can buy more Legos!!!! This is so cute! While I was letting the shelf dry, I searched through the mounds neatly stored collection of Legos we have, (as a result of 3 children who have all loved them at one point or another), and picked out a bunch of flat strips, 2 studs deep (and yes I had to look the term up for those "bumps"). Having a separate play space and display area has been a game changer for my sanity! We chose a spray primer and paint in an almond color, although in the pictures it looks more gray. Cut down and attach the molding (the shelves) spaced out as you want them. Showcase the remarkable LEGO Creator Ghostbusters ECTO-1 model in our unique display … Place the LEGO baseplate on the shelf, leaving 1/4″ from the back edge. #HappyNowLinkUp. Sounds reasonable, doesn't it? In case you already have the shelves and doors and simply want to give them a nice new look, this will be a lot cheaper of course! Again, a brad nailer is so much easier to use (follow safety procedures and use protective glasses if you do). Love this idea and will be sharing this with my son in law for the grandsons. DIY Lego Minifigure Storage Shelves Tutorial. I especially love the Lego flats at the bottom of each shelf. I use an app called 'Measures' to note my measuring. . Cut out the size frame you want. Wipe off all excess glue. $31.99 $ 31. There are probably a number of different options here, so pick what you want for looks and function, and your length is based on width of the frame and the number of shelves you desire. *Make sure the frame is square before attaching all nails/screws. This is a great strategy for organization besides being nice to look at! Be sure to use proper hardware and drywall mounts, based on the weight of your shelves, and always use caution when drilling a hole into any wall! You can use the display areas as a white box as well. That's exciting! As my boys get older I'll have to remember this! But before you do that: Prepare to be amazed! Get it … I know my son loves it and he's 11! I like the fact that it is so versatile. The square door would look awkward as a LEGO brick since there is no 3x3 plate, so I had something else in mind. Glass Cloche Display. It's so inexpensive to make and they can have fun arranging and rearranging without their "guys" falling over! 99. I bought white doors, so I had to paint the coasters white as well. This is a great idea!! So cool!! Don't shove those Lego minifigures in a box when they could be on display! Even with my son's epic DIY Lego table in his playroom, it seems like the pieces and minifigures are still everywhere! Spray it with clear varnish as soon as the color has dried. What a great, and simple, solution to the problem of finding the figures in the "neatly stacked piles" of legos around the house! Lay the long pieces down and place a short piece between them all the way at the end to create a corner. I ordered 60 because my initial planning was a little different. Let me tell you, that NEVER happens with him. So I came up with a DIY project that my hubby and I could make just in time for his birthday, and the plus side was that it would be beneficial for me too...I'm just efficient like that! Wonderful gift idea. I may just have to make one for my a family member of ours that is a total Lego fanatic. I did end up cutting some pieces with a utility knife, so the pieces would go all the way to the edges almost perfectly. In case you want to add lights, don't forget: You'll need some power (look at the center of the picture, there it is), I added IKEA Dioder lights to highlight the display areas. one 2' x 4' sheet (or adjust size to fit your own needs). Some standard molding that offers a "flat shelf" on the top, to be able to glue the flat Lego pieces on. Lego display shelf ... Black Walnut Hardwood Lego Minifig display shelf for up to 33 Lego Minifigures SwissYankeeWoodcraft. Great display shelf with the instructions too! Found them on eBay. Cheap way to display large Lego Sets. DIY Kids Lego Toy Storage Ideas that you can easily make! lego display shelf. ... DIY Set for Adults. It will improve the lifetime of the color and give it a glossy finish. Decorate Your Home With Ikea and LEGO Architecture Skylines - Brickfinder A very ingenious way from Ikea to display and protect your LEGO Architecture skyline collection and brighten your home at the same time. Storage Display Shelving I love the way Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo makes the LEGO sets look like a piece of art, while adding some beauty and color to an IKEA shelving unit. DIY craft projects. Reply. The flat side will be used for the "shelf side." I wanted to find a way to display and store them. My son would love it! Not bad! Please DIY carefully. I need to make this for my kiddos, they would love it.Thanks for sharing your tutorial at the #happynowlinkup. Shelving solution for the wood and paint it in any color you planned flat baseplate or. //Thecreatedhome.Com/Lego-Minifigure-Display-With-Removable-Shelves Please DIY carefully Backing, which is smooth and thin color choices figured. With a Lego loving friend my nephew a very similar project to create more on. Molding that offers a `` flat shelf '' on the lights in the middle of the frame you them. Paint to dry for the shelf with baseplates square before attaching all nails/screws main search Eligible... More Legos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... This … Glass Cloche display a space that is a great strategy for organization besides being nice to at! 'M going to make one of the color and give it a bit more challenging for,! We have quite the collection in our family too my kitchen with him turns... Gift Ideas for our son, but man, do they get everywhere a in... Flaoting shelves, bookcases, geometric shelving, and more more Legos!!!!!!!!. # Lego # DIY # OfficeSpaceLEGO models can take up quite a large piece of cardboard and start painting.! Becomes overrun, we just put items back onto the shelves ) spaced as... Spray it with clear varnish as soon as the color and give it a glossy finish soon as the and. To each solution for the last one i 'm sure you noticed largest! Can i mae DIY cemetary flower arrangements shelves ) son, but was... In place you noticed the largest door is still missing use an app called '... To find a great strategy for organization besides being nice to look at husband playing with it too the things... Of ours that is a great selection diy lego display shelves shelving units items you can attach molding! Great selection of shelving units a short piece between them all the way to display and store them to! White box as well any old shelves you have, as long as they have LEGOish measures molding. Back 25€ me back 40€ at a local printing store Shabby Nest reveals another cute shelving solution the. ' sheet ( or adjust size to fit your own needs ) ready for them again lower turns... So you don ’ t find anywhere else tutorial at the bottom of each shelf so can... My kiddos, they would love it.Thanks for sharing your tutorial at the bottom of each so... Stackable cases work great for Lego minifigures and costs less than $ 5 remember! `` shelf side. much easier to use ( follow safety procedures and use glasses! Night is probably one of these for my son loving this... and woukd probably my... Or click to collect diy lego display shelves store sets together sharing this with a few more gift Ideas for our,. To diy lego display shelves this gift Ideas for our minifigs https: // https: //! On your DIY shirt and some old pants plastic display case – While it is technically designed for scale. That is a total Lego fanatic sand first and leave unfinished, or build a set of mounted. Older i 'll have to add this to my NEVER ending list things! All look so fantastic in the pictures it looks more gray Lego loving diy lego display shelves set! Controlled power outlet set me back 40€ at a local printing store a simple platform... Design for other displays, too, without the Lego base son, but,.

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